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Streamline Your Strategy: Unlock Easier Marketing To China With The VIVA CITY Platform

August 21, 2023

The significance of capturing the attention and loyalty of the Chinese consumer cannot be overstated. As the world's largest consumer market – with over 1.4 billion potential consumers – China features a burgeoning middle class with increasing purchasing power. 

However, entering the Chinese market as a Western business has its share of hurdles. Cultural barriers, language differences, stringent regulations, and fierce competition from local brands can pose significant challenges. Additionally, the ever-evolving digital landscape in China can take time for Western companies to navigate.

Tapping into this enormous potential requires Western businesses to craft culturally sensitive marketing campaigns that resonate with the Chinese audience. Understanding their preferences, values, and communication channels is pivotal for success.

With over a billion monthly active users, WeChat stands out as the leading platform for digital engagement in China. It goes beyond messaging, serving as a social media platform, payment solution, e-commerce hub, and marketing channel.

This VIVA CITY Guide aims to introduce the power of WeChat for marketing in China and how the VIVA CITY app can serve as a valuable tool to help streamline this process.

The Power of WeChat for Marketing in China

With over a billion monthly active users, WeChat has become an integral part of daily life for Chinese consumers. From chatting with friends to conducting financial transactions, WeChat's ubiquity extends far beyond a mere messaging app. Its multifaceted nature and many features and functionalities make it a powerhouse for marketers looking to engage the Chinese audience like never before.

At its core, WeChat is a social media platform facilitating seamless communication, allowing users to share moments, exchange ideas, and stay connected. However, its capabilities go beyond mere messaging. WeChat is a one-stop-shop, incorporating functionalities like mobile payment solutions, e-commerce capabilities, and even personalised marketing channels.

For marketers, the key to success lies in leveraging WeChat's features to connect with potential customers and build brand awareness. The platform offers various tools that enable businesses to engage in targeted marketing campaigns, establish two-way communication, and nurture brand loyalty.

WeChat Mini Programs: Your Entry onto the Platform

One of the most powerful features WeChat offers is Mini Programs. These lightweight applications within the platform serve as a bridge between businesses and their target audience. 

Through Mini Programs, brands can offer interactive and engaging experiences, including e-commerce stores, games, utility tools, and service portals. This creates a seamless user journey where customers can explore products, make purchases, and interact with the brand, all within the familiar WeChat ecosystem. A WeChat Mini Program can also be accessed via WeChat official account articles and videos from WeChat video channels. 

The benefits of marketing through WeChat Mini Programs are impressive:

1. It allows Western businesses to penetrate the colossal Chinese market and reach a massive audience that actively engages with the platform. 
2. WeChat's integrated functionalities streamline the user experience, making it more convenient for customers to interact with brands, thereby fostering brand loyalty. 
3. The interactive nature of Mini Programs opens up exciting possibilities for creating immersive and personalised experiences that resonate with Chinese consumers on a profound level.

By leveraging WeChat's key features, especially Mini Programs, marketers can create connections, amplify brand awareness, and build a loyal following in China's dynamic digital landscape.

Check out: What is a WeChat Mini Program? 

Introducing VIVA CITY App: The Solution for Western Brands

One of the most significant challenges Western brands face when marketing to China is gaining access to the country's digital platforms and navigating its complex regulations. Establishing a separate website or app for the Chinese market is not only time-consuming and resource-intensive but also subject to stringent government restrictions. This is where WeChat Mini Programs come to the rescue as the ideal solution. 

By operating within WeChat's ecosystem, Mini Programs offer a streamlined and efficient way for Western brands to engage with the Chinese audience without the need for separate platforms. This simplifies the process and ensures compliance with local regulations, allowing brands to focus on building meaningful connections and thrive in the Chinese market.

But what’s the best way to create these Mini Programs? Well, that’s where VIVA CITY comes in.

VIVA CITY stands as the gateway for Western brands to succeed on WeChat. Our platform is designed to streamline the process of creating Mini Programs. We offer Western businesses a user-friendly and efficient solution to creating a presence on WeChat without the need for complex coding or technical know-how.

With VIVA CITY, you can create branded Mini Programs that tell the story of your brand. We give you the tools needed to create the most engaging Mini Program that resonates with Chinese consumers while still aligning with your brand.

The ease, flexibility, and effectiveness of WeChat Mini Programs in driving audience engagement is unparalleled. By offering seamless access to services and information directly within WeChat's familiar ecosystem, Mini Programs eliminate the need for users to download separate apps or visit websites outside of the ecosystem. This convenience enhances user experience and increases the likelihood of repeated interactions, ultimately fostering brand loyalty.

Mini Programs work particularly well for businesses like real estate brokers, who can use them to showcase property listings, facilitate virtual tours, and provide convenient tools for potential buyers to inquire and connect. Similarly, providers of Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) can leverage Mini Programs to offer Chinese students studying overseas an intuitive platform to explore and rent accommodations, creating a seamless and efficient process.

How VIVA CITY Enhances Your WeChat Marketing Strategy

VIVA CITY is a game-changer for enhancing your WeChat marketing strategy, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. With our specialised focus on creating customised WeChat Mini Programs tailored to specific business needs, your brand can unlock the full potential of WeChat's vast audience. 

Our team of experts understands the intricacies of WeChat's ecosystem, ensuring that your Mini Program is optimised to deliver maximum impact. We know what it takes to build a Mini Program that stands out from the competition and establishes a strong connection with the Chinese audience. 

By creating Mini Programs seamlessly integrating with WeChat's interface, VIVA CITY ensures a conflict-free user experience, enhancing user engagement and driving higher conversions.

Moreover, the VIVA CITY app streamlines the Mini Program creation process, saving businesses valuable time and resources. This allows brands to focus on their core competencies while leaving the technical aspects of WeChat marketing in the hands of experts. With VIVA CITY's support, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of the Chinese market and unlock its full potential, making it an invaluable ally for any Western brand seeking success on WeChat.

After implementing effective WeChat Mini Program marketing with the help of VIVA CITY, CRM Students, UK student accommodation provider, saw an increase of 600% in WeChat bookings. Hutong, a London-based Chinese restaurant, grew WeChat bookings by 30% with a Mini Program offering booking functionality and digital menus. And LNER, a train ticket booking platform, improved on-train and at-station customer experience with their Mini Program.

Book a demo with our team to see how you can create your own WeChat Mini Program!

Supercharge Your WeChat Impact with VIVA CITY

Working with VIVA CITY as your WeChat Mini Program partner means you get to benefit from our extensive expertise on the platform. Your journey with us starts with a product demo where we take you through how our platform works. 

From there, our self-service platform helps you set up your tailor-made Mini Program, ensuring customisation, localisation, and personalisation to resonate with Chinese consumers. We’ve implemented integrations, like HubSpot and Salesforce, to make the process seamless and operationally friendly. Our platform takes care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes, so you can go to market with a highly personalised WeChat Mini Program in under 30 days. 

With VIVA CITY, you own the followers and all data that comes with marketing on WeChat. Our platform provides complete transparency and ROI visibility through tracking and data management.

Navigating Chinese Culture and Regulations

Cultural nuances significantly impact consumer behaviour and preferences. By tailoring your marketing messages to resonate with Chinese cultural norms, you’re better able to foster brand trust and build lasting connections with your audience.

Marketing in China also requires navigating key regulations and policies. China's government imposes strict controls on content, data, and foreign businesses. Complying with these regulations is crucial to avoid potential legal and reputational risks.

VIVA CITY plays a pivotal role in guiding Western businesses through cultural intricacies and regulatory compliance. Our expertise in WeChat Mini Programs ensures that brands can seamlessly engage with the Chinese audience without needing a separate Chinese website. By operating within WeChat's ecosystem, Mini Programs circumvent the red tape and expenses of setting up an independent website in China.

Our team provides personalised support throughout the process, understanding each brand's unique marketing objectives. Additionally, we ensure that all Mini Programs comply with Chinese regulations, safeguarding your brand from potential pitfalls.

Case Study: Successful WeChat Marketing with VIVA CITY

Chinese audiences tend to prefer apps and e-commerce platforms when browsing for products or services, compared to Chinese websites, or even a H5/mobile-adapted website. So, if you want to share information about your product or service, it’s best to do so via an app. And, with WeChat being one of the most predominantly used apps in China, it makes sense to stay within that ecosystem. 

Mini Programs are the ultimate solution as they allow for seamless sharing and browsing within WeChat. But, as a Western business looking to build a Mini Program, it can get complicated, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the platform and don’t have a China-based team.

VIVA CITY is a good option for Western brands because we provide an entire English backend. We're also based in the UK, so we understand your needs while also understanding what's happening in the Chinese market.

We’ve helped many brands successfully lead their Chinese customers to their WeChat Mini Program, allowing them to reach hundreds or even thousands of enquiries. 

CRM Students, the UK’s leading provider of student accommodation, saw an increase of 600% in WeChat bookings after implementing their WeChat Mini Program.

On the bottom left corner of their website, CRM Students placed a green button that leads Chinese students to scan a QR code that takes them directly to the brand’s WeChat Mini Program. On that Mini-Program, students are able to browse everything they need to know about the rooms and accommodation details in their native language – and on a platform they’re most familiar with.

Their WeChat Mini Program formed just a part of their overall marketing strategy. It's not enough to simply create a WeChat Mini Program but to focus on the marketing activities supporting it.

Future Trends and Opportunities

As WeChat continues to dominate the digital landscape in China, emerging trends are reshaping the marketing strategies that Western businesses seek to tap into this colossal market.

One prominent trend is the growing importance of personalised and interactive content. Chinese consumers are increasingly drawn to brands that provide tailored experiences, fostering deeper connections and brand loyalty. With their versatility and customisation options, WeChat Mini Programs are becoming a key tool for brands to deliver personalised content and services directly to their target audience.

Another trend is the integration of social commerce within WeChat. The platform's seamless combination of social media and e-commerce features allows brands to not only engage with their audience but also facilitate seamless transactions. WeChat's advanced payment system and integrated e-commerce functionalities enable businesses to drive sales and conversions, creating a holistic shopping experience for consumers.

The Chinese market is also witnessing an increased focus on sustainability and social responsibility. Consumers in China are becoming more conscious of environmental and social issues, and brands that align with these values can gain a competitive edge. WeChat marketing offers a direct channel for brands to communicate their sustainability efforts and connect with socially conscious consumers.

With the dynamic landscape of the Chinese market, Western businesses have significant opportunities to leverage WeChat and VIVA CITY's expertise for continued growth. By partnering with VIVA CITY, brands can navigate the complexities of the Chinese market with ease and precision.

Our team’s understanding of Chinese culture and regulations ensures that brands can effectively connect with their target audience while staying compliant. This expertise is crucial for building trust and credibility in the Chinese market.

Ready to Unlock the Power of WeChat?

The benefits of leveraging WeChat and working with VIVA CITY for marketing to the Chinese audience are undeniable. WeChat's massive user base and integrated functionalities provide a gateway to the vast Chinese market, allowing brands to engage with their target audience seamlessly. By partnering with VIVA CITY, businesses gain access to a team of experts who understand the nuances of Chinese culture and regulations, ensuring compliance and effective connections with consumers.

Whether you’re a seasoned player in the Chinese market or looking to enter this promising realm for the first time, VIVA CITY's expertise and tailor-made Mini Programs are the keys to unlocking success. Embrace the power of WeChat marketing and capitalise on the endless opportunities it offers to connect, engage, and thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the Chinese market.

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