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WeChat Mini Program - Customer Links

Tried & Tested Mini Programs For:


A WeChat integrated digital menu and ordering system that increases customer spend. Designed to help restaurants deliver exceptional customer service, overcome language barriers, and boost their revenues.

Real Estate

A discovery and enquiry management system, designed to help Real Estate companies centralise sales operations, increase revenue and avoid hefty commissions on direct sales leakage. 

Student Accomodation

Manage PBSA and property content, keep inventory up-to-date, and manage enquiries from first content to booking payments. 


Travel inspirations, Journey Planning and Ticketing. Delight your Chinese customers with a seamless customer experience inside an app they already use.


Create a more welcoming first point of contact with an app your prospective students are familiar with. Manage touch-points from first enquiry through to application in a single app and avoid leakage to agents from your own marketing.


Mini Program tools as exciting as your Tours. Showcase your products and services, take online enquiries and collect valuable data insights. A more efficient operation for you and 5-star service for your Chinese customers.

Tried & Tested WeChat Mini Program

Student Accommodation WeChat Mini Programs

Build trust and generate PBSA bookings from Chinese Students with a WeChat Mini Program designed for student accommodation providers. Visit Viva City now.

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Who's It For?

WeChat Mini Apps from UK businesses wanting to target Chinese customers. Click here to learn more.

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Restaurants WeChat Mini Programs

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