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WeChat Mini Program Design

A VIVA CITY WeChat Mini Program gives you an end-to-end view of your customer to finally link social media content engagement with 1:1 sales conversations

Create Exceptional Digital Experiences That Boost Profitability

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Custom Branded Content Pages

Delivering your content through a consistent on brand experience.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Live & Automated Chat

Interact with your Chinese customers in real time.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Customisable Enquiry Forms

Convert your Chinese visitors into leads and gain sales momentum with customer intelligence.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Social Sharing

Let your Chinese customers share your WeChat Mini Program and extend the reach of your content.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

QR Codes

Create an offline-to-online connection in advertising and venues.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

WeChat Pay

Complete the seamless sales transaction without interruption and avoid currency challenges for your Chinese customers.

Manage Your Content. Control Your Brand

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Branded Content Management

Bilingual content management to give all stakeholders visibility of your brand content.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Control Permissions at Scale

Give your Marketing, Sales & Service team the tools they need whilst maintaining control & security

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Easy Mini Program Control

Control your Mini Program permissions & settings from an easy to understand dashboard avoiding the complexity of WeChat's own Chinese systems.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Enquiry Management

See the status of all enquiries and feed data to your CRM. Create waiting lists when all inventory has been taken.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Brand Control Over Templates

Maintain brand consistency across all your WeChat Mini Program touch-points with logos, colours and graphic devices.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

CRM & Marketing Integrations

Automate customer and inventory data flows across your key corporate platforms.

Measure ROI & Gain Customer Insights

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Data Ownership

Keep control of your customer and WeChat Mini Program data while we simplify it's management that can be viewed on the Viva City dashboard.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Gain Customer Insights

See which campaigns are driving visitors, leads and sales. Track the growth of your WeChat Mini Program.

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