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WeChat Mini Programs for Real Estate Vendors

Effective WeChat Mini Programs to maximise sales conversion for Chinese buyers – designed and delivered by VIVA CITY

The Key Benefits of WeChat Mini Apps for Real Estate Vendors

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Quickest Connection

Mini Programs are directly embedded in the WeChat platform, unlocking dependable connections to your Chinese audience.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Great First Impression

Build trust, instantly. Engage your Chinese buyers on WeChat – a platform they’re already active on and familiar with.
WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Easy Control

Effortlessly manage and update your content. Export and learn from your data. Integrate a range of other CMS / CRM tools.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity


Avoid the requirement of an ICP licence, hosting or server support that comes with running a Chinese website.

Common Issues in Converting Chinese Real Estate Enquiries

Disjointed Customer Experience

International websites run slowly and unreliably in China, giving a reduced customer experience and impacting your digital sales funnel.

Poor Brand Visibility

Your properties are not getting exposure on China’s most widely-used social platforms. It’s hard to establish and maintain brand awareness.

Lack of Control

Relying on 3rd parties to manage your Chinese sales and marketing activities makes it hard to get a true sense of ROI, and sales may be lost to marketplaces and agents.

How WeChat Mini Programs Fix The Issue

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Enhanced Marketing

Boost direct leads and save money on middleman sales commissions. Present a more polished brand experience that gives a better impression of your offering.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

More Control

Independently manage your content, data and followers. Integrate our turnkey real estate tech solution into CMS systems and booking process, for one affordable monthly cost.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Data Driven Growth

Learn from your data and put this knowledge to profitable use. Gain complete ROI visibility as you track and manage data through our simple dashboard.

Control Your Content

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Bilingual Content Management

Your brand content is available in English and Chinese, more accessible to all stakeholders.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Easily Control Access

Allow granular access to your Sales, Service and Marketing teams – maintaining security.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Intuitive Dashboard

Sidestep WeChat’s complicated Chinese controls – adjust settings and permission with ease.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Manage Enquiries

Take bookings for viewings and create waiting lists for your most popular properties.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Showcase Your Brand

Easily adjust your Mini Program template to reflect your brand colours and logo  – code free.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Integrate With Other Systems

Automate real estate inventory and customer data flows across CRM and marketing platforms such as Salesforce & Hubspot.

The Tools You Need To Engage Your Chinese Buyers

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Live Or Automated Chat

Chatbot functionality to engage with your Chinese buyers in real-time.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Online Form Builder

Secure promising leads and drive more direct sales using customisable forms to collect data.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Social Sharing

Grow your reputation as satisfied Chinese buyers share your WeChat Mini Program.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

QR Codes

Take offline interest online – easily generated QR codes, great for marketing or open houses.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

WeChat Pay

Provide a familiar transactional experience for your Chinese buyers, avoiding conversion headaches.

True ROI And Customer Insight

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Own Your Data

All customer and Mini Program data can be easily interpreted and managed via one intuitive dashboard.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Create Reports

Looking to customise reports to share with your wider team? Build reports around the data collected through your Mini Program.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Improved Strategy

Monitor the growth of your Mini Program and learn from your most engaging and impactful campaigns.

Want to see under the hood?

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