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WeChat Mini Programs for Student Accommodation & PBSA Brands

Premium WeChat Mini Programs to maximise sales conversion for Chinese Students – designed and delivered by VIVA CITY.

The Main Benefits of WeChat Mini Programs for PBSA Brands

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Direct Connection

Light-weight WeChat Mini Programs are embedded in WeChat, allowing your brand to engage with Chinese customers.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Builds Trust

Make a great first impression. Meet Chinese students and their parents on WeChat – a platform they already know and love.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Fast And Flexible

Easy to manage and update, enjoy complete control over your content and data.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Cost Effective

No expensive ICP licence, hosting or server requirements that comes with running a Chinese website.

Common Challenges in Attracting Chinese Students Directly

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Poor Customer Journey

Websites commonly suffer from slow performance in China. Customers experience a fragmented service, and conversion suffers as students seek out agents to book on their behalf.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Lack Of Exposure

International brands lack a crucial presence on China’s most popular social platforms. Brand control and recognition is hard to establish.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

No Control

Working with a China-based marketing agency can lead to limited transparency on ROI and sales are often lost to Chinese booking agents charging high commissions.

Solve The Problem With WeChat Mini Programs

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Improved Marketing and Sales

Increase your direct leads and cut commission costs by removing middleman marketers.
Deliver a more polished customer journey that truly reflects your brand.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Take Control

A turnkey student accommodation app at an affordable monthly price.
Own your followers, brand and data. Integrate into your booking process and CMS systems like StuRents, Kinetics, Yardi and many others.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Learn and Grow

Enjoy full ROI visibility through tracking and data management. Collect useful data and measure the impact of your marketing efforts.

Manage Your Content. Control Your Brand

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Bilingual Content Management

Give all stakeholders visibility of your brand content, displayed in English and Chinese.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Control Permissions at Scale

Empower your Marketing, Sales and Service teams whilst maintaining control & security.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Easy Dashboard Control

Control permissions and settings, avoiding the complexity of WeChat's own Chinese systems.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Enquiry Management

View enquiry status and collect associated data. Create waiting lists for popular accommodations and rooms.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Branded Templates

Easily apply your own brand guidelines to your Mini Program to maintain brand consistency.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

CRM & Marketing Integrations

Automate customer and PBSA inventory data flows across your key corporate platforms like Salesforce and Hubspot.

The Functionality To Create Exceptional Customer Experiences

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Customisable Enquiry Forms

Convert your Chinese visitors into direct leads and gain sales momentum.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Live & Automated Chat

Interact with your Chinese customers in real-time via Chat functionality.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Social Sharing

Let Chinese Students share your WeChat Mini Program to extend brand reach.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

QR Codes

Capture interest and create offline-to-online connections from advertising and student housing.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

WeChat Pay

Complete seamless sales transactions and avoid currency challenges for your Chinese customers.

Measure ROI & Gain Customer Insights

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Data Ownership

Control and manage your customer and Mini Program data via one simplified dashboard.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity


Create reports and monitor the success of campaigns across Chinese social platforms.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Inform Your Growth Strategy

Track the growth of your WeChat Mini Program and identify your most productive campaigns.

Want to see under the hood?

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