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Improve the buyer's journey for your Chinese customer

VIVA CITY's Chinese marketing solution enables brands to accelerate direct sales and improve customer experience


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Make it easy for Chinese customers with your own WeChat Mini Program

WeChat Mini Programs are mini apps built within WeChat.

This allows you as a brand to market your services to Chinese consumers without having to worry about hosting a Chinese website, building native apps and setting up a business inside China. 

Your Mini Program will match your existing website and branding and the VIVA CITY dashboard enables you to create, maintain and update your Mini Program without a developer's help.

VIVA CITY takes care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes, so you can go to market with a highly personalised WeChat Mini Program in under 30 days. 

Your own direct digital platform with China

A WeChat Mini Program enables control of your digital presence across direct, organic, and third-party channels to maximise revenue and profitability.

😁 Delight your Chinese customers and get better engagement, with actionable data insights.

😃 Reduce reliance on 3rd party agencies and platforms that own your Chinese presence.

😎 Centralise your tech stack into VIVA CITY.
Hubspot, Salesforce, Freshworks...30+ other integrations to automate workflows.

Convert marketing leads into sales

Chinese marketing can be expensive and more often than not, brands struggle to evaluate their ROI.

VIVA CITY's platform enables your to maximise your Chinese marketing spend by enabling sales conversion and collecting insights from your Chinese Marketing channels.

😁 Track traffic from Weibo and other social channels.

🤓 Analyse click-through rates from WeChat articles and influencer posts.

😍 Measure sales results generated through your marketing campaigns.

Why use VIVA CITY?

Happy Customers

Create a seamless buyer journey &
help your Chinese customers enjoy your brand experience.

Faster Sales
More Direct Sales

Make it easy for customers to buy direct and reduce reliance on 3rd parties.

Better Data, Smarter Marketing
Better Data, Smarter Marketing

Collect better data to improve your Chinese marketing outreach.

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