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WeChat Mini Programs for Restaurants

Effective WeChat Mini Programs to increase the profitability of your Chinese customers – designed and delivered by VIVA CITY.

The Key Benefits of WeChat Mini Programs Designed for Restaurants

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Menu Translation

Allow Chinese customers to quickly explore, understand and order from your translated menu – directly from WeChat – an app they already know and love.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

A Warmer Welcome

Show your Chinese customers that you care about their experience! Provide them with a familiar interface and instant “self-service” access to information.
WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Easy Control

Daily specials? Special offers? No problem. Quickly and easily update your content to showcase your evolving menu.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Boost Sales

Add automated suggestions and recommendations to upsell your customers as they build and place their orders on your hospitality app.

Common Issues For Chinese Customers Dining In Overseas Restaurants

Menu Translation Issues

Browsing your restaurant’s menu in translation empowers your Chinese customers to make informed decisions, and enjoy a meal they’ll love and remember. But printed menus are rapidly outdated – and international websites are slow to load and view on a mobile device for your Chinese customers.

Slow Ordering Process

Issues with menu translation can lead to a frustratingly slow ordering process between your waiters and Chinese customers. This in turn can lead to negative posts about your brand on Chinese social media.

Lack Of Additional Information

Questions, concerns, dietary requirements and restrictions… There are so many instances where your Chinese customers would benefit from additional information that they feel unable to find or request.

How WeChat Mini Programs Fix The Issue

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Seamless Communication

A WeChat Mini Program ensures that menus can be provided in perfect translation, with additional information, ingredients and details of preparation easily explored.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Easy Ordering

Deploying a Mini Program allows customers to place their own orders with confidence, selecting their choices from their own mobile device.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Optimised Sales

By using a Mini Program to showcase your menu and streamline the ordering process, you can automatically recommend popular items, suitable side dishes and much more to increase spend per head.

Easily Control Your Content

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Take Reservations

Easily take reservations from the popular WeChat platform and communicate with your customers to accommodate special requests.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Showcase Your Brand

VIVA CITY will help customise your Mini Program to let your brand colours and logo shine – no coding is required.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Intuitive Dashboard

Manage your Mini Program with ease, through one clear dashboard.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Bilingual Content Management

Content is made available in English and Chinese – so no one is left out.

Learn And Grow

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Own Your Data

All data is handled with clarity via one clear dashboard – learn about your customers, see patterns emerging and double down on success.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Improved Marketing

See how the use and social sharing of your restaurant’s Mini Program expands, giving valuable insight into your future marketing direction.

WeChat Mini Program VivaCity

Clearer Strategy

Use data to customise your menu offering and marketing activities to the Chinese market.

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