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Supporting UK Real Estate Sales with WeChat | Viva City

February 23, 2023

In 2021, WeChat's daily active Chinese user count reached 400 million  – a staggering number which has consistently increased in 2022. 

Chinese consumers favour the platform for all their online needs, making it essential for vendors to understand the platform’s significance when courting new Chinese audiences. 

As a notable stimulator of the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) industry in the UK, China is also widely considered one of the world's largest outbound student exporters. 

As you enter the Chinese foreign property or student leasing market, the impact of WeChat marketing should be a serious consideration.

Here is our checklist of essentials when selling or leasing UK real estate to Chinese buyers on the WeChat platform.

The WeChat Official Account: The First Step To A Successful WeChat Marketing Strategy. 

When courting Chinese audiences, WeChat provides an array of practical marketing functionalities - the most impactful starting point is to set up and verify an official overseas service account. 

Once set up, this account gives you access to powerful marketing channels on WeChat, which can be used to engage and build Chinese audiences quickly. 

Setting up an official account can be a slightly complex task, but you can read the VIVA CITY step guide (do-follow) for a complete breakdown of the process. All VIVA CITY customers are supported end to end through the setup and verification process by a dedicated customer success manager. 

WeChat Mini Programs: The Best Strategy to Activate Powerful Customer Experiences. 

Your WeChat strategy needs to be capable of delivering frictionless and impactful experiences to your customers.  For WeChat, the best way to create powerful customer experiences is through these lightweight applications - Mini Programs.

A Mini Program (MP) is just like an App, but lives inside WeChat. They can be used by brands to offer a highly personalised experience without users having to leave the WeChat platform.

Mini Programs are proven by UK Student Accommodation companies like iQ Students(do follow) & CRM Students (do follow)  to elevate customer engagement, increasing conversion rates.

Common features used in Mini Programs include:

  • Product/ Service Information
  • Location-specific content
  • Easy document sharing
  • Appointments & Booking widgets
  • Chatbots

A Synergised Approach 

The best marketing strategy for UK vendors on WeChat is to synergize an Official Business Account with a Mini Program. Please read our article on WeChat Social Media Marketing (do-follow internal link) for more information on how this works. 

To get your audience engaging qualitatively with your brand, consider creating your own WeChat Mini Program with VIVA CITY 

WeChat Articles: Use Content Marketing to Direct Customers To Your Mini Program

WeChat's Article functionality is a practical content marketing approach for growing a Chinese audience - with an Overseas service account, you are able to publish long-form content four times a month. 

Article content should include relevant brand updates, information about new property listings, relevant promotional offers and education on living with your brand and the wider UK property market. Make sure to pay close attention to design and structure for the best results. 

WeChat articles can feature QR codes as well as quick-access links to your Mini Program. , giving your audience the ability to quickly convert into a sales funnel.

Here is an example of an article from the iQstudents (no-follow) official WeChat account with both a QR Code link to follow and card to open up the iQ Mini Program.

iQstudents' official WeChat account shows a QR code to follow the iQ WeChat Official AccountiQstudents' official WeChat account shows a link to open up the iQ WeChat Mini Program

Mini Program Analytics: Using Data to Make the Best Marketing Decisions on WeChat. 

Like Google Analytics, WeChat Mini Program Analytics gives your team access to rich data about your customer base. This data can then be used to build more effective, targeted campaigns.

Using analytics, you can track:

  • Number of monthly visitors.
  • Which channels new visitors frequently convert from. 
  • How long visitors engage. 
  • Where visitors come from in terms of location. 

Analytics access offers the ability to use customer data to deliver lasting, impact-focussed customer experiences to your audience. 

Influencer Marketing: The Most Powerful Marketing Channel on WeChat. 

In recent years, influencer marketing has taken centre stage in China and globally as the most effective marketing strategy to come out of the 2010s. Chinese consumers routinely demonstrate that they value influencer content over any other marketing-related contact.

Live streaming has become especially popular – as demonstrated by China's top live streamer (no-follow), who was able to generate $1.9 billion in sales in a single live stream.

Finding influencers who are well-aligned with your target audience (for example, a Chinese student living in the city that your rental properties are located within) can be the most effective way of driving new audiences to your Mini Program & sales funnels.

A Streamlined WeChat Real Estate Sales Funnel With VIVA CITY

Marketing to Chinese consumers requires a total paradigm shift. Many international brands have tried and failed to enter this market by using the same techniques that work with western audiences. 

The WeChat set-up process is rigorous for overseas vendors, but  VIVA CITY can help your team set up and verify an official WeChat account and Mini Program, saving you time and cost. 

Our no-code, automated system simplifies every step of the marketing & sales process on WeChat in one easy-to-use solution. We help you build and employ your own personalised mini-program, rapidly increasing lead generation on WeChat. 

As a result, your team can streamline customer journeys and upgrade user experiences through precise data and analytics.

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