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5 Trends In WeChat Content Marketing | Viva City

March 22, 2023

As the most popular Chinese social media platform, when it comes to content marketing, WeChat is the definition of “you get what you give.”

For any Western brand looking to grow its reputation in an authentic and culturally sensitive way, WeChat represents true opportunity. As a result, the importance of employing original and unique content, across the platforms various marketing channels, cannot be overstated.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the practicalities of content marketing on WeChat – and investigate the various formats of content that you should prioritise, based on your offer and industry. 

  • Whether you’re a B2B vendor, focusing on carefully crafted presentations that summarise your service and product information, or a lifestyle D2C brand, paying attention to virality and hopping on new trends to maximise your reach, WeChat has plenty to offer.

    Let’s explore the five key cornerstones of a modern WeChat content marketing strategy…

    WeChat Groups - The Best Exclusive Marketing Channel

    Whatever vertical your brand operates within, WeChat Groups are worth exploring, as with the right focus, they can offer access to a highly aligned, self-selecting audience. WeChat Groups are started by a group leader who is interested in creating a space to discuss a certain topic or interest. A WeChat Group can have up to 500 members, so although their reach is limited, the potential for marketing and brand awareness opportunities is still high, as the focus is so precisely targeted. 

    With the ability to engage with a well-aligned audience and make direct sales, it’s easy to see how WeChat Groups can play an important role within your wider WeChat marketing strategy.

    Bands will often join established Groups related to their unique offer and create their own WeChat Groups to usher users with similar interests to build communities of engaged customers.

    Use WeChat Groups QR Codes to Quickly Invite New Users To Your Group 

    If your brand is going to leverage WeChat Groups within its marketing strategy, then it's important to remain mindful of the capacity that QR codes have for promoting and growing them. WeChat users are known to frequently share content and recommendations to friends, family and contacts – this kind of interaction plays a big role in the way that platform is utilised.

    QR codes make this quick and easy, and are a familiar component of navigation for WeChat users, so use them liberally in your branded content on and off line to seamlessly direct customers to your Group.

    Study Your Audience And Their Pain Points 

    WeChat Groups can also operate as effective analytics tools for studying your target market. This is especially true as you centre in on your content marketing strategy, helping you drive ideas for topics that should be covered in detail.

    To help hone your content marketing focus, use your WeChat Group’s search history function to collect and analyse relevant keywords and related topics that your audience want to learn more about.

  • WeChat Articles

    WeChat Articles will form a core component of your content marketing strategy on the platform. These are a great way to get valuable and authentic content out into the WeChat ecosystem. Brands typically focus on producing a range of articles that support their market position, appeal to their target audience and subtly support sales via promotions and product or service features.

    Articles will either appear in the user's subscription folders, or in the chat thread between the brand and the user. Where the article appears depends on the type of Official Account the brand in question is using (Subscription versus Service.) Typically, you’ll see more engagement and a higher open rate from a Service Official Account and articles appearing directly in chat.

  • Tips To Optimise Your WeChat Articles

    When creating content to push via WeChat articles, the following attributes can help aid your success:

    • Short, snappy headlines
    • Shorter blocks of text - no lengthy paragraphs
    • Embedded short form video
    • Compelling design elements and graphics
    • Clear call to action
    • QR codes for ease of sharing
    • Card links to WeChat Mini Program pages.

      For help and inspiration, as well as engaging WeChat Article templates, we recommend exploring xiumi

    • WeChat Channels: Video is Worth a Thousand Words 

    • For those brands with the capacity to produce engaging video content, WeChat Channels represents a growing opportunity. Specialising in short form video, WeChat Channels acts as the platform’s answer to TikTok. Users see an open feed of video content, which they can tailor through the use of hashtags and keywords.

      Audiences around the world are demonstrating a growing interest in short-form video content, and your Chinese customers are no exception. Remember to keep your focus on informative, helpful or practical content, that will deliver real value to your viewers, and position your brand as a voice of authority and expertise within your chosen vertical.

      WeChat Channels presents a significant opportunity for higher income potential through original video content. Channel videos can be linked to from Mini Program pages, adding context and colour to your marketing funnels.

      Key Opinion Leader Content Marketing

      A great way for brands to harness the power of Chinese influencers (known in the world of WeChat as Key Opinion Leaders – or KOLs) with large followings, collaborative or promotion content made in partnership here can have staggering reach.

      The opportunities on well-executed KOL content marketing strategies are exponential, and while the key to success lies in securing productive relationships with the KOLs best aligned with your market, KOL marketing is currently accepted as one of (if not the) most efficient marketing strategies on WeChat today.


      In a similar vein to KOL partnerships, co-branding opportunities on WeChat can also be valuable components of your content marketing strategy. This will typically involve a range of content pushed across all channels that sees two brands (or a brand and a KOL) join forces to promote a collaborative product or service.

      Co-branding may facilitate the exchange of expertise between brand partners, leading to more impactful marketing efforts. Many brands have achieved immense success with this approach to their content strategy, earned via increased exposure and audience engagement.

      One such example is the co-branding campaign established between Mr. Bags and Givenchy. A limited edition run of 80 co-branded bags worth 1.2 million RMB were created, and these sold out in just 12 minutes. The campaign was timed to coincide with Valentine's Day, and positioned accordingly in its promotion across WeChat.

      Get An Expert Steer On Your WeChat Content

      At VIVA CITY, we specialise in creating high impact WeChat Mini Programs that add functionality and direction to your marketing campaigns.

      With a simplified, streamlined approach to your leverage of Mini Programs, you can collect high quality user data, helping you to map crucial customer journeys, delivering personalised customer experiences and high quality content marketing that engages and delights your Chinese audience.

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